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April 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It has been many years since I had a proper website but Zenfolio makes it very easy and it beats coding html and stuff like I used to. I plan to make quite a few blog posts about my adventures and pictures and I am encouraged that I will probably not have an audience!

I stayed at Gorton mountain bothy last weekend as part of a Mountain Bothy Association work party.  It was good fun and with the snow we woke up to on Saturday morning it was fantastically scenic.  I took quite a few pictures but did not use my tripod much - most of them are wasted opportunities as I am easily distracted by walking or indeed fixing bothies!

I did take one 5 shot HDR though that I am fairly pleased with which I share below. 

Gorton Mountain BothyGorton Mountain BothyGorton Mountain Bothy sits on the edge of Rannoch Moor. A bothy is a simple shelter and this building has a fireplace but there is no running water, electricity or even a toilet. Gorton, which is maintained by the Mountain Bothy Assocation, it is open to all.

I woke early on Monday morning and drove four hours up to Suileag bothy in beautiful Sutherland - I received fall arrest training on Tuesday and then drove 5 hours back to my house and a long overdue wash in hot water ;)

Despite being in the Shadow of beautiful Suilven, I had little chance to take many pictures and the half hearted ones I did take were basically rubbish. It is a very beautiful place up there though and I plan to go back with my tent and cover the necessary ground to try again and capture this wonderful place. I live in hope.



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