The Flutterby

October 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

I was walking on King's Seat Hill in the Ochil Hills a few weeks ago. I was heading up the hill, on the short grassy slopes, with nothing else to see and there were no skylarks to serenade me as they had earlier in the year. The grass was starting to lose its summer colour and a thought occurred as to what these hills could have looked like, if there had been no sheep eating everything green. I continued to wonder if there would have been trees and whether the barren grassy slopes would have looked vastly different... Suddenly I came across a surprise, like a jewel, that forced me to stop and look closer.

It was a peacock butterfly. I took a picture of it.

This beautiful creature was sitting in this bare grassland, I had not seen one here before. I wanted to get a better picture of it so I carefully tried to move the blade of grass in front of it. The butterfly took off and flew around me in an improbable dance, like a bit of paper on the end of a string being pulled rapidly up and down. After a few seconds of this it headed off down the hill and it soon disappeared from sight, leaving me to continue my walk, lost in thought and surrounded by grass.

I have written my thoughts below.  

Butterfly in a barren land
You don't know that you are awesome,
but that's what makes you so.
You waft in and out of peoples lives,
Your presence helps them grow

I found a butterfly in a barren land,
Showing colours nature brings.
The butterfly does not comprehend
the beauty on its wings.

You too are searching barren lands
you just can't see the view.
Like the butterfly that does not see its wings,
that butterfly is you.


The Flutterby
The busy mind is looking out
not looking in or round about.
Whilst looking out those close about
are there but disregarded.
Be with them now, our lives are short
don't fill their void with sorrow.
Engage, embrace and enjoy this time, 
as there may not be tomorrow.

King's Seat Hill StarburstKing's Seat Hill King's Seat Hill Starburst

The Glen of SorrowThe Glen of SorrowThe Glen of Sorrow lit up by the sun in the Ochil Hills

Digger on InnerdownieDigger on InnerdownieDigger wondering about near the summit of Innerdownie in the Ochil Hills, Scotland




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