Waiting for the Paint to dry

September 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Returning to the bothy on a very windy and wet Saturday, I walked up the Lairig Leacach in the afternoon. I was bombarded with sheets of water and my waterproof jacket was useless against the wind-driven rain, at least it was mild. The burn with the stepping stones was flooded so I had to find a safe place to cross, by the time I reached the bothy I was wet through and very glad to reach shelter. I had the place to myself and I quickly finished off the window trim, which being on the north side was surprisingly sheltered from the wind and the rain, with not a midge to be seen...

I left the painting to the Sunday morning, in the hope of better weather that had been forecast. I spent a quiet night in front of the stove, trying to dry everything and then retired to sleep about 9 pm. I was woken during the night by the bothy mouse which took a fancy to a plastic bag I had been using to keep my socks dry in my wet boots. I sleep with my headtorch on so I switched it on when I heard the plastic rustle and I caught the bag running across the floor! With the light on it, the mouse jumped about inside the bag as if it was initially stuck and startled by the light, then it scurried out from under the bag and sprinted over to the edge of the fireplace - it then stood still and stared back at me in the cold white LED light, with a rather bemused look - I blinked and it was gone.

I switched off my head torch with a smile, the mouse was just like Mr Jingles in the film the Green Mile. I tried to get back to sleep, glad that I had hung up my food in a safe place out of reach of the mice.

I awoke early and had a quick breakfast before heading out to put the first coat of paint on. The instructions stated to allow four hours between coats, it was cold outside, although it was not windy the showers were blowing through at regular intervals. I painted the window and then settled down at 9 am with a freshly brewed coffee waiting for the paint to dry. 

Inside the Lairig Leacach BothyInside the Lairig Leacach BothySitting waiting for the paint to dry Looking out the doorLooking out the doorWaiting for the paint to dry

Graffiti from 1937Graffiti from 1937This was written 79 years ago by the shepherds or gamekeepers who used to use this bothy.

Passing ShowersPassing ShowersWaiting for the paint to dry The sun briefly appearsThe sun briefly appearsMaybe time to take some pictures!  I decided to venture outside in between showers and take some pictures.

Looking to Stob BanLooking to Stob BanThe burn that runs beside the bothy was back to its regular height. The night before it had been a fierce torrent. Looking back to the Lairig Leacach BothyLooking back to the Lairig Leacach BothyThe ground was sodden and my feet were getting very wet again through my already soaking boots. So I headed back inside to wait for the paint to dry...

About 2 pm, the paint was dry enough for me to gloss over the base coat, it had started to rain but luckily it was still coming from the south so the north side was sheltered enough to continue. I painted the window realising that I could not apply another coat that day. 

Once I had finished, I packed all my stuff away and gave the bothy a good sweep out. I closed the door with a click and headed home, leaving the bothy and its mice to their own devices.


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