Flying Over Manchester

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It's Grim Oop NorthIt's Grim Up NorthLongannet Power Station from King's Seat Hill, Ochil Hills Scotland


I’m looking down on Manchester 
from 30,000 feet,
I’m flying north, to Edinburgh 
I'm sitting in my seat.

Looking out the window,
I think of all the souls.
Some are young and more are old.
They all each have their goals.

I think of all the misery,
the indifference and the love.
That I am passing over,
at 30,000 feet above.

I look around this metal tube,
Most folks their heads are down.
Some are reading, some are sleeping
But most faces have a frown.

Manchester then it disappears,
we are moving further north.
I see now towns and villages 
below us on our course.

Soon I will be on the ground 
and driving my car home.
Indifferent to the lives of those
behind their doors alone.

Back to earth and back to life,
My overview has gone.
We all live our separate lives,
forgetting we are one.


Leaving Stornoway...Leaving Stornoway...As the flight took off from Stornoway airport, I noticed the beautiful sky over the island so I whipped out my phone and managed to grab this picture just before the plane turned towards the mainland.



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