Behind the Picture: Doggy Dreams

October 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The reason I like taking pictures is for the memories that they contain. When I look at a photo that I've taken, all recollection of that moment comes flooding back.

Below is another of these images that bring particular memories - This picture is called "Doggy Dreams".

Doggy DreamsDoggy DreamsDigger twitches and yelps in his sleep and it makes me wonder what he is dreaming about. This picture is composed of three images stitched together. It includes a picture of my dog, Digger, sleeping on the back of our couch. It also contains a picture that I took of our friend's Husky, Oscar, as well as a forest background.

Digger was fast asleep and he had been twitching and yelping whilst dreaming of doing doggy things. I wondered whether he was dreaming of being a wolf (his ancestor) running free in the forest; or does he dream of being a short legged Jack Russell tugging on his lead whilst walking on a pavement?

I know Digger, he will be running free.

Digger Sleeping on the Couch


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