Special Delivery

February 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The door of the bothy is wearing out and it needs to be fixed this year, so I asked my friend Billy, who is an excellent Joiner, to come with me to have a look and measure up. We also had some chairs to deliver so special arrangements were made for us to access the track, so that we could drive up to or at least some of the way to the bothy. This would not normally be a sensible thing to do in January, but the month in general and especially that week had been especially mild.

When we got to Fort William I could see that on the hills, the snow line was quite high up, so it looked like we could make it up the pass to the bothy that sits at around 1,500 feet. As got closer to our destination and as we drove up the road towards the pass, it was hard to assess conditions at the top due to the low cloud, so up we went! Billy took this short video on the way up just as we were starting to see some snow on the track.

Jeep Special DeliveryDriving a 4x4 up a mountain pass to deliver some chairs. As we reached the ford, I was shocked to discover a couple of inches of fresh snow, this made me nervous as if you slipped off the track up there you were on your own! The Jeep Renegade coped with the snow however, despite the road tyres (!), it was not deep, luckily,  so we could easily see where the track was. As we arrived at the bothy, it had started snowing gently. We jumped out of the car, delivered the chairs, measured the door and then jumped back in the car and high tailed it out of there as the snow was getting heavier! 

It was a brief but efficient visit, eight hours in a car and 8 miles offroad, for a fifteen minute visit. The main thing is we got back OK!



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