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The Beauty of Trees

February 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I really like trees. The older a tree gets the more individual it becomes, like us, shaped by their environment. The picture selection below is where I have tried to capture that character. I have a lot to reworking to do and some of my favourites are still to even be uploaded, but I start with these.

There are some trees too with angles on their branches that really make me stop and look - I don't know why. This first picture of a tree at Loch Etive shows that angular dance in its upper trunk branches that always catches my eye.

Loch EtiveLoch EtiveAs I walked along the banks of Loch Etive I was drawn to this wonderful tree. Here it comesHere it comesHeading down, back into the cold grey fog. The North ThirdThe North ThirdMature Forest at the North Third Reservoir near Stirling, Scotland The Non ConformistThe Non ConformistTorwood Scotland YearningYearningWood Hill, Ochil Hills, Scotland

The weight of experienceThe weight of experienceThis old oak stands beside the 16th century Torwood Castle and I wonder how long they have stood together. Although the tree's trunk is split at the bottom it still puts out leaves ever year and I always check on it when nearby. Plean Country ParkPlean Country ParkI took this on a foggy walk through Plean Country park. I have a fondness for silver birch trees which stems from my childhood. Sunrise in Glen AffricSunrise in Glen AffricThe sun peaks over the hill illuminating the ancient Caledonian Pines Torwood GroveTorwood GroveThis grove of trees in Torwood always has amazing light Palamós PinePalamós PineI sheltered from the sun beneath this tree in Palamós in Spain Rainy Day in TorwoodRainy Day in TorwoodRainy day in torwood The AudienceThe AudienceNative pines stand above the fog covering the Forth Valley on Wood Hill, Ochil Hills Treebeard?Treebeard?This tree stands in Torwood in Central Scotland, it was obviously dead when I took this picture, having been crowded out of the light by the surrounding pines. Still it had character and the little face on the side hinted at a smile.
Tweedledum and TweedledeeTweedledum and TweedledeeTweedledum and Tweedledee - Two trees in Torwood, Falkirk Scotland

Wood Hill SunsetWood Hill SunsetI took this on my first attempt at taking sunsets on Wood Hill in the Ochil Hills. I love the backdrop of this hill and I also like the fact that I can catch a sunset in the winter and be home by 6pm :)


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