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Post-Industrial Chicken (a short story)

June 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My Grandfather told me a lot about the way things used to be when there was plenty. I remember him telling me about planes trains and automobiles, those marvellous machines of which just remnants still remain. He told me that they had drinking water whenever they wanted and light was available simply by pressing a button.

What I most remember about my Grandfather’s stories, however, was the amount of food he said that was available. They had fruits and tastes from all around this great world and they could have it whenever they wanted, as the world was very small then.

They had a lot of meat which was plentiful in those days. My grandfather told me about a bird called Chicken - it was his favourite. He told me that it was a large tasty bird that you could get freshly cooked and still hot from a "Supermarket". He said that the bird was so large that you could feed a family for days from the flesh of just one chicken. He gave me this picture that his own Father, my great grandfather had taken and he told me it was the closest representation he had of what a chicken looked like. Looking at the picture I cannot to this day understand where the meat came from...

Post Industrial Chicken I miss my Grandfather so very much as he knew about everything and I really never fully understood what he told me. He told me that things went wrong when he was young because we grew so large and we always wanted more, but the world is only the world and there is nothing else. It is a paradox, he told me, that where something is useful, we use it more and more and become reliant on it, using more and more and more... This occurs until there is nothing left and by then you have forgotten how to live without it.

This is what happened when the oil ran out, everything that relied on it collapsed, the society he was born into collapsed, billions starved and the chickens among many other animals never made it; all eaten. Grandfather said that despite this great calamity that decimated the planet, nobody had actually learnt from these events, but this was the way of this world, he told me - it always will be.



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