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Behind the Picture: The Empty Field

June 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The reason I like taking pictures is for the memories they contain. When I look at a photo that I've taken, all recollection of that moment comes flooding back.

Below is another of these images that bring particular memories - This photo is called "The Empty Field". The Empty FieldThe Empty Field This image was taken beside a field near Torwood in 2014. I had walked past here earlier in the summer and it was full of bullocks (young male cattle). Whilst most of these large animals ignored us, a few came up to the gate and eyed both myself and my dog Digger walk past with great curiosity. Staring back at them and looking at their faces, I could see some character in the eyes which was mostly curiosity and bewilderment, which is a lot like me! I realised then that the cattle, held in the field by a simple gate, had a lot in common with me, on very many different levels.

Later in October of that year, I had just returned from a holiday in the Mediterranean and was disappointed to find that all the autumn leaves at Torwood had been blown off the trees by a storm whilst I was away. Walking on with my camera, I came to this field and it was empty, the bright-eyed bullocks were gone. I realised that the destination for these curious and bewildered young males would have been the slaughterhouse and the field would remain empty, until next year.

I took this picture then.


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