The Weekend Hideaway

October 17, 2018  •  2 Comments

“Do you fancy going for two nights?” asked Andy. “Of course” I answered. I would be away most of the weekend, it would be fun and that would also be my best chance to escape having to watch the X Factor.

HideawayOur tarp pitched amongst the trees, it made for a cosy spot away from the worst of the breeze and the rain There’s is nothing better than being out and about, even in bad weather. The weather forecast all last week was for high wind and heavy rain at the weekend. I had arranged with Andy to go Tarping and we see these negative forecasts as a challenge… It’s always good to test yourself in bad conditions, especially when you are close enough to civilisation to give up and go home. Testing yourself in this way might mean a night's lost sleep, but it hones the skills for if ever you are far from home and depend on past experience to keep yourself dry, comfortable and safe.

Come Friday it was a wee bit disappointing therefore that the forecast high winds were not going to reach us, only the rain, but it was pretty relentless rain, so that would make our tarping more eventful.
Hidden in the treesDevilla Forest   Out of sightAndy found this spot and it has served as well as we've never seen a soul.

We decided on camping at Andy's secret spot in Devilla forest and we reached that location after dark. We pitched the tarp by securing it to two trees in an A-shape and then it was time for curry and drinks. It was strange on the first night as we were surrounded by so many Owl’s hooting and screeching near and far, it was like the Owl’s annual general meeting. I liked it.

Hanging with the mushrooms'Cause it's better than the telly.   Around about

In the morning we packed up in the rain with the intention of relocating to a spot in the Ochils. After the drive, we got to the spot which was much higher up and exposed than our cosy Devilla forest spot. We decided that it wouldn’t be so much fun there so we jumped back in the car and returned to Devilla Forest to pitch the tarp back at our cosy spot.

In the plantation   Amongst the trees

We pitched in the rain and then set up with the cooking table in the middle. Before dinner, I went back to my car to restock some bevvy, a 40 minute round trip. I saw some geese on the way back and took this video of them and some pictures of the surroundings as the sunset. 

Devilla Sunset   Autumn Colours

That night only a lone Barn Owl could be heard, but it hooted throughout the night. On Sunday it was dry and it was time to pack up and head home mid-morning... On Sunday night my wife told me that she had recorded the X Factor, but hadn't watched it and that she wanted me to put the missed episode on for her! 




I'm watching it now. It's certainly not colonel mustard or calum frame... I still need to buy the paint but look forward to escaping this Saturday night head melt.
Andy P(non-registered)
Hope you enjoyed X factor mate. I've still got half my crap in the dinning room ready to repack for a bit of bothy maintenance.
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