Compilation video of Scotland

November 04, 2018  •  4 Comments

I've got a habit of taking videos when I'm taking pictures so that I can remember the moment.  The video is also a useful guide when processing the picture to prevent me from getting carried away with colour etc.

I was watching something on Youtube and I came across the song Serenity by Audile. When listening to the track, it inspired me to make a video of some of my images and video clips that I have taken. It's a bit rough, but here is my first attempt at a video.

Audile - SerenityA compilation of pictures and video clips taken around Scotland, accompanied by the music track Serenity by Audile.

I've got loads more images and clips and I fancy trying this again as I've learnt a lot in making this. The problem will be finding another suitable track that like this one, is a great track that is freely downloadable and is used by various Youtubers for different reasons.


Hi Tim

Thanks for the nice comment. Now that I've turned image stabilization on it should be less shaky in future! I do enjoy taking video too. It just helps to capture the moment. I was a bit impatient in making this as I wanted to see the finished version. If I do it again, I'll maybe try not to rush it. Look forward to seeing more from you too and all the best in 2019.
As first videos go it's a good-en Chris, enjoyed the images coming to life if that makes sense?

More than ever I find myself taking the odd clip to capture the moment as it was seen on the day. Most of my videos are a mixture of time-lapse and images to music but this year I need to and will do more video with the sounds of nature and music.

Nice work mate and I look forward to more here in 2019 ;)
Lol...I wonder who it could have been!
Andy P(non-registered)
You'll need to let me know the name of the male model who was at the bothy door mate. One good looking fellah.
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