Windy day on Wood Hill

January 31, 2019  •  3 Comments

I've produced a second video of a walk I took up Wood Hill in the Ochil Hills. This is one of my favourite walks and I decided to share the experience.

I've still got a lot to learn, but the learnings in the making and this video, in particular, has taught me quite a lot. Some of the shots are out of focus too so I need to pay more attention but in my defence, I wasn't intending to make a video when I walked, I was just taking snippets and realised when I got home that I had enough clips to try it.

So here it is: Windy day on Wood Hill. The music track is called "Adventure" and it is available from as Royalty Free Music.

Windy day on Wood HillRecords a walk in the Ochil Hills to catch a picture of a sunset

I didn't manage to get the best picture of these wind tortured trees as I was a bit late for the best of golden hour and I was forced by the wind to seek the most sheltered location. I do like how I've been able to share the story of how that picture was captured as people maybe don't realise that sunrises and sunsets can usually involve walking some distance in the dark! In my case I walked back through the woods with my headtorch on and was serenaded by Owls as I went - If you listen carefully at the end of the video you can hear them...Just after you hear my walking pole falling over :)





Tim Hill
Your wife knows what you have been up to beyond doubt, all is good! Joke ;)

Looking forward to the next one Chris and you have opened my eyes by saying video shows what went into the image, you are right, noted!

Last night was COLD! brave man, respect!

Most welcome and loving your content...
Many thanks Tim. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed making it and I'm glad to share my mini-adventure - That wind was very cold! I hope to do videos of most of my walks so any photo's I take and post on this site will have their history documented. It's purely for selfish reasons as I relish the memories, but it will at least give anyone interested an idea of what what was involved in capturing the picture. I've got pictures that involved 3-4 days camping and bothying during some of my longer walks. I plan to do much more of this, whenever I can as I love it! My next video will likely be of our winter camp in the forest last night. Andy made a cracking stew in his dutch oven suspended above the fire that we made. I'm sitting here stinking out the house with the smell of wood smoke, my wife obviously doesn't like that smell :)
Tim H(non-registered)
Nice video Chris, I enjoyed it. The walk looks stunning and those wind-tortured trees have real character. It was nice to sit in the warm and watch the wind bending the grass double. You must have covered some miles there.

One of my new year's resolutions is to do more video and time-lapse, sometimes it tells more of a story than a series of still images, the video above certainly does and the music is really fitting.

Top marks from me, looking forward to more Chris! :)
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