Winter Sun

January 05, 2019  •  5 Comments

In Scotland the sun is very low around the winter solstice, where the sun rises at 08:40 and sets at 15:40. It only gets to 11° above the horizon too which can be hazardous for drivers on a cold day with icy windscreens.

Two days after the solstice, I decided to take my dog (Digger) for a walk in Torwood, where about half of the forest has been cut down. I wasn't happy about this happening, but at least they are replanting the area and the unexpected bonus was the low sun lighting up the remaining forest. At times the sun would hit digger and the reflection off his white coat made him look like he was radioactive!

Digger in a SunbeamDigger in a SunbeamDigger lit up by the low winter sun.

We walked up to Tappoch broch with the sun in our eyes the whole time. On the way we met an energetic Labrador that jumped off a 3 metre bank to greet us. It was young, only a few months (the owner told us). Luckily it didn't hurt itself and maybe it learned not to jump from great heights in the future!

Torwood SunTorwood SunTorwood Sun    In the TreesIn the TreesTorwood

After passing Tapoch Broch, I walked about in the surviving woods taking pictures as I went. I had contemplated bringing my camera, but that meant lugging my tripod and I hadn't thought there was much to photograph. It's a shame, but my phone is a handy substitute and it takes care of everything in difficult light as it goes into HDR mode automatically - Just a pity about the greasy lens.

Beyond, the SunBeyond, the SunTorwood   Hide n SeekHide n SeekTorwood, Scotland

I had a circular walk past the blue pool of Torwood. On my way back I realised that there is still some unexplored wood, that I had never really bothered about previously, Now the trees are cleared it is easier to get to and I will be back with my tripod and camera as there is also a river in that direction which may be worth a visit. Even in a place you know well, there is still so much to see and besides it all seems different every visit, if like me, you're always looking.

The long PathThe long PathTorwood, Scotland


Cheers Tim, the dog gets me out there so I can capture unexpected moments. He's been such a great motivation and I would take much less pictures without him!
You captured the moment wonderfully Chris, a good read the very nice images my friend.
Andy P(non-registered)
Or the Not the Nine O'clock News sketch about buying a house in Sellafield.... we're getting old mate.
Cheers. Yes that scene reminds me of that, or the old ready brek advert also from our youth :)
Andy P(non-registered)
Good phots mate, Digger reminds of The Blues Brothers 'what light' moment.
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