Middlethird Wood

March 29, 2019  •  6 Comments

There's nothing worse than going somewhere to find that it no longer exists, well that was nearly the case when I revisited Middlethird Wood.

I'd told Andy that Middlethird wood was great and I'd described the unusual trees and atmosphere to him. We made the effort of walking there heavily laden to camp for the night. You can imagine my horror when we discovered that the bulk of the forest had been removed... It is a plantation after all and its tall trees were ripe for harvest.

The saving grace for our planned forest camp is that a corner of the wood still exists and that is where we camped - I made this video of the experience.

When I got home and reflected on the map of this area, I realised that the bit that survived with its picturesque mossy scenes is the bit that's marked on the map as Middlethird Wood. The surrounding forest that has been harvested is not named on the map. My hope then is that Middlethird Wood will remain since it's mapped, as not all of it looks productive to the timber industry. For the wildlife that lives there, the wild campers and woodland scene photographer (me), this place is however highly productive and I do hope that it stays intact. 


Cheers Tim. I'm very glad you liked it!. My heart did drop when I came across the destroyed forest but it was a plantation so it was always going to happen. The sad thing about plantations is that they stand pretty much undisturbed for 30-40 years and they are at their most "natural" and a joy to be in just as they are chopped down...

I just use my phone and the sound is good considering, the autofocus/image stabilisation not so good, but the video hdr is handy too. I'm thinking of a cheap gopro copycat but am still contemplating. I can improve further with the phone so will hang in there for now!
Yep, it is Kinnoull hill I was referring, of course, the photo opportunity is foremost in my mind and I look forward to going! Enjoy your trip away and catch up when you get back Andy!
Andy P(non-registered)
You on about Kinnoul hill ??? By co-inkydink I was speaking to someone who climbed it for hogmannay recently so I don't think it will be an epic trek, as long as we can get squiffy and stay dry, I'm in..... sod it, we don't even need to stay dry.
Tim Hill
That's me hooked on your videos Chris :)

I cannot believe they destroyed all that pristine woodland, we all use wood from time to time but come on! Glad you still found some unspoiled areas though.

Loving the sound on the video Pal, at one point I was finding myself ducking further under the tarp to avoid getting wet :)

Good storytelling, I really enjoy this one...
Aye it's still a great place. Plenty more to see too. I do fancy that place near Perth next time though!
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