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March 01, 2019  •  3 Comments

I've been busy making a new video. I'm on a big learning curve with video, what with the planning, taking a decent bit of video that's in focus, is straight, is not shaky and pans at a useful speed. I then have to edit it and stick it together so it's watchable. This is not something that is easy and I'll stick with using my phone until I feel that it's the problem and not me.

The fun for me is in the making though and below is a nine-minute video of a wild camp in our local forest of me and my mate Andy around a campfire on a frosty night. He had bought his heavy cast iron dutch oven and over the space of a couple of hours managed to cook up a delicious stew which even had dumplings! I enjoyed that!

Wild camp with Dutch oven on open campfireYou can't beat cooking a nice stew on an open fire on a cold frosty night.

I'm away camping again for two nights this weekend in the Cairngorms area with Andy. I'm looking forward to returning here! Hopefully, it will be the subject of a future, less rushed blog post...


My pleasure Chris!
Many thanks for the feedback Tim. Much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed the stew video and it was very tasty. It took over 2 hours to make but it was worth it! My provider uses flash and point taken, I'll just use embedded Youtube in future here as it is a better experience for the user.

I will keep practising and I get your point on story telling, very important and I will have to think about that more.

Thanks again so much for the feedback Tim and thanks also for watching!
Tim Hill
Hey Chris, how good!!

I enjoyed every minute of the 'Stew Video', I could almost taste it and was hungry afterwards, the stew looked lovely! Very good storytelling also, please keep this in your videos! I was engrossed and engaged, all credit.

Feel free to delete these bits but may I critique and maybe help, although you are far better at video than me in all lights!

Adobe Flash (stew video) is a big no-no with most browsers these days due to insecurities. I had to allow flash in my browser to watch the video then disallow afterwards, many will have to do the same. YouTube is the way to go for putting video on websites.

I noticed no real problems with framerates regardless of light so a BIG thumb up Chris! In the UK for HD video, we shoot 25fps so the camera shutter speed should be at least double for a smooth video (1/50th Sec). For 4K footage at 60p, 120fps and so it goes on.

The sounds of the ingredients going into the pot, filming and atmosphere were really good. There were a couple of ingredients I had to guess, one had the packaging thrown on the fire (tomato puree?) I could clearly hear you speak so maybe a couple of words to say what is going in the pot or try to show the label/packaging to the camera beforehand.

Some of the shots (photos) of the trip if any were taken edited into the footage would have really told the story but my score for your latest video is 90%, I really enjoyed it and will definitely enjoy looking out for more!

Well done Chris, the Stew and Dumplings looked to die for :-O

P.s. I noticed many shots while watching the video, the light coming through the trees was superb, all credit again for capturing the moment.
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