Humdrum but fun

May 31, 2019  •  2 Comments

I've been kind of busy in May so haven't been out on any big adventures in the landscape. I've been on one adventure for a few days to Prague, which was lovely and amazing, but I didn't take that many pictures, although I should have.

The square in Prague   Prague

I've also been camping with Andy which is always enjoyable, but only to our usual spot in Devilla forest where Andy made a tasty curry over a fire in his dutch oven.

I've mostly been working though, there's a lot going on in my perpetually busy day job and some weeks I've been away from home. The one thing that all the weeks have in common though, no matter where I am is walking. When I'm at home I try and walk for an hour at lunchtime and then walk the dog an hour or two at night as well - I'm slowly losing weight!

When I worked away from home, I improvised routes at night beside the river Don in Aberdeen and along an old railway line where I could've walked for 40 miles - I only walked an hour out and an hour back though.

The River Don running beside Dyce Forget the weight loss and the fitness benefits of walking, which are a pleasant side effect; the main thing for me is that when I'm walking it makes me happy. My dog is also very happy when he walks and so I'm grateful to him for teaching me that. 

When you walk and empty your mind of the day that was, then you also see things, the same things on the same routes I walk in Falkirk are always there, but every time something is different. Something is new and has been unseen until that moment due to changes in seasons weather and light and nearly every time I pull my phone out of my pocket and take a picture.

I take so many pictures - the ones below are just a few I took with my phone in May on my evening dog walk around the River Carron in Falkirk.


Cheers mate, you know me...always with the photies...
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Some good phots there mate.
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