Barra Beach Landing

May 20, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I don't have a bucket list, but flying to Barra and landing on the beach is something that I've always fancied.

In early March 2020, just as the spectre of the global pandemic was looming for the UK, I got to fly to and land on the beach at Barra. The weather was awful and we (my friend Sarah and I) both agreed that it certainly added to and enhanced the experience.

We also went to explore the Western dunes during our short stay and the weather certainly added to the adventure of our short trip outside. I'd love to see this beautiful place in good weather as well, but at least I'd made it.

I produced this YouTube video that I hope suitably illustrates the experience.

This is the only scheduled beach landing in the world and on seeing the beach, I can see why it is perfect for aviation. Whilst it was a fun trip for us, that flight is a lifeline for the people who live on the island. So in paying a visit, daytrippers help to keep it viable.



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