peacock butterfly ochil hills scotlandPeacock ButterflyI came across this butterfly on the Ochil Hills. After finding it I was inspired to write the poem "Butterfly in a Barren Land"

Butterfly in a Barren Land

You don't know that you are awesome,
but that's what makes you so.
You waft in and out of peoples lives,
Your presence helps them grow

I found a butterfly in a barren land,
Showing colours nature brings.
The butterfly does not comprehend
the beauty on its wings.

You too are searching barren lands
you just can't see the view.
Like the butterfly that does not see its wings,
that butterfly is you.

Lumps and BumpsLumps and BumpsThe side of King's Seat hill is lit up by the lowering sun highlighting the lumps and bumps of the hillside

The story of this poem can be read on my blog