Chris Bowness Landscape | My Poems


Below is some of the poems I have written. The list is short at present but, the backlog is large enough for me to start this page.

Butterfly in a Barren Land


Clarity Back in the fogBack in the fogWood Hill, Ochil Hills, Scotland


Flying over Manchester

It's Grim Oop NorthIt's Grim Oop NorthLongannet Power Station from King's Seat Hill, Ochil Hills Scotland


Craiginnan Yugen (lyrics)


Hopes for the future

Falling PetalsDevilla Forest


Poems By Harry Keen

The late Harry Keen was a family friend who wrote poems in the Scots tongue. He is unpublished and I present the poems that he shared with us below.


Auld ReekieAuld ReekieThis ariel picture of Edinburgh was scanned from a family book called Wonderful Britain by JA Hammerton, printed in 1920. I presume the copyright has lapsed...


Mystery Tour

St Monan's PierSt Monan's PierA snaky pier which was built to follow the available rocks